Interactive3D: Create What You Want by Interactive 3D Generation

CVPR 2024

1HKUST, 2CUHK, 3SenseTime Research, 4Shanghai AI Lab

🪄 achieves controllable and high-quality 3D generation.



The overall architecture: Interactive3D grants users precise control over the generative process through extensive 3D interaction capabilities. Interactive3D is constructed in two cascading stages, utilizing distinct 3D representations. The first stage employs Gaussian Splatting for direct user interaction, allowing modifications and guidance of the generative direction at any intermediate step through (i) Adding and Removing components, (ii) Deformable and Rigid Dragging, (iii) Geometric Transformations, and (iv) Semantic Editing. Subsequently, the Gaussian splats are transformed into InstantNGP. We introduce a novel (v) Interactive Hash Refinement module to further add details and extract the geometry in the second stage.

Rigid Dragging

Using rigid dragging to open a T-rex's mouth.
"A tyrannosaurus rex".

Part Combination

Using part combination to assemble your gundam.
"A gundam robot holding a sword with wings".

Hash Refinement

Using hash refinement to improve the quality.
"A gundam robot holding a sword with wings".

Semantic Editing

Using semantic editing to change your gundam.
"A gundam robot holding a ice sword with wings made of ice".

Deformable Dragging

Using deformable dragging to create banana whale.
"A whale that looks like a banana".

Geometric Transformation

Using geometric transformation to open a pokeball.
"A baby flying dragon in an open pokeball".


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